Springdale was officially incorporated in 1945 (five years before Newfoundland joined Confederation) and at first included the town of South Brook in order to satisfy the government’s requirement of population of at least 1,000 persons.

The first mayor of Springdale was Harvey Grant, who held that position for twenty years. Springdale’s former Grant Collegiate honors his name and his remarkable achievements. Other mayors were George Warr, George Huxter, and Dr. Evans. The first meeting was held on November 2, 1945 and was comprised of the following: Harvey Grant, R.W. Warr, E.J. Winsor, George Normore, Jonas Noble, Stewart Whitehorne, and William Heath (South Brook). Their first major achievement was a water system, which was completed in 1952. Before this time quite a number of homes in the center of town had to depend on the historic spring from which the town is named, for water used in home consumption.

A cottage hospital was built in 1952 and opened in February by two nurses, Alexander and Gosse. Dr. Alexander arrived February 22, and was later assisted by Dr. Ingram. This added greatly to the services offered to the people of the Green Bay area. Springdale progressed over the years and in 1957 diesel power sent the first electricity to people’s homes before hydro arrived in 1965. A sewer system was commenced in 1956 and expands with the growth of the town. Today, a vocational training school, a senior citizens complex, and other modern establishments stand to the credit of our energetic citizens.

*The above article is an excerpt from the book Grace United Church, Springdale 1880-1980 by Mr. Frank R. Boyles.
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